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Let me share my passion for Foraging, Slow Herbalism & Botanical Dyeing with you. I hope to inspire & empower others towards a slower way of life, which treads lightly on this earth. While you're here, check out my range of handcrafted Botanical Skincare, Botanically dyed & printed clothing, read my Foraging Articles or join me on a Foraging Workshop.

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Join me on a Foraging Workshop to learn all about the wonderful world of Wild Edible Weeds.

Botanical Printing aka Natural Dyeing, Eco Printing. Using the natural colors & print patterns found in plants to dye & print fabric, fibres & clothing. Check out my range of Botanically dyed, upcycled clothing.

Homegrown & Sustainably Foraged Botanicals are my passion! When I'm not foraging or gardening I'm in my studio which is a caravan in the garden, full of herbs strung up to dry, plants for dyeing & printing, & botanicals infusing in organic oils which I handblend into my range of Botanical Skincare.

Had a great time thank you. Your generosity in sharing your time, knowledge and recipes is truly amazing. The energy of the whole group felt very calm but keen.  It felt as if there was room for everyone to get what they needed from the workshop. I learnt lots that was new and sorted out some knowledge that was old.  Loved the stories.  

You do a really good job, enough practical hands on, with some theory . Covers most learning styles.  Thanks so much for letting us muddy your lawn/foraging  area,giving us delicious hot tea on a  cool day and feeding us the wonderful  plate licking salad.

I for one will give you a rave review.

Sue Brigden

Highly recommend any budding weed eaters attend Felicity's foraging work shops, held in her fabulous garden, see, touch taste and gain knowledge on the nutritional value of each weed, whilst learning what to avoid. Felicity is a wealth of knowledge, extremely approachable and skilled at bringing a group of strangers together in learning.

Vickie Chandler

Felicity hosted a super workshop in her garden last Saturday. Thank you Felicity for sharing your knowledge and inspiring us all to continue foraging and being atone with nature. It was great to meet other like - minded people. Loved the chickweed pesto, dandelion vinegar and wild weed salad! Felicity has a lovely way of imparting her knowledge and her passion shines through. Makes you justwant to get out there and forage forever!

Raewyn Howes

I've been looking for a way to get more fresh greens into my diet and I love the idea of foraging for them. Felicity's Wild Edible Greens workshop was the perfect way to learn how to do this. She taught us how to ID easy to find,nutritious and safe to eat weeds and how to use them in tasty ways. It was also great to learn which lookalikes to avoid too!

Nicky Boughtwood

Felicity, thanks so much for sharing your great knowledge & passion on the wild edibles workshop last weekend. Loved it all - your wonder full weed garden, the gorgeous fresh garden salad & the pesto yummmm! Thanks for offering Homegrown Botanica to Kapiti and for being such a radiant guide towards greater health & harmony.

Jules Barber

I attended the wild edibles workshop a few weeks ago. It was a completely eyeopening experience. Thank you Felicity for sharing your wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm. I was taken back by the nutritional and medicinal qualities of these so called weeds. The course was wonderfully finished off by eating the delicious produce, made from the wild greens we had just learnt about. I have now devoured all the Dandy Lyons and Chick weed on my section and looking at my neighbours in getting rid of theirs. Also,my eyes are drawn to the abundant crops of Nasturtium and Plantain....everywhere! A great workshop and one I would highly recommend.

Callum Ferguson