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Thermette mini rocket stove cooking offgrid by the river
placing a pot on top of the thermette to cook a meal
looking into the fire of a thermette cooking in action
Cooking ring on thermette to cook food on
using a copper thermette on the beach
using the copper thermette on a camping trip
Copper Thermette - The Original NZ invention - In stock
Thermette box with instructions

Copper Thermette - The Original NZ invention - In stock

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Note ~ I'm away until after Easter, all orders will be shipped from 3 April.

Experience the ingenuity of the Original Copper Thermette, a remarkable Kiwi invention conceived by John A. Hart in 1929.

Known by various names such as 'chuffer,' 'kelly kettle,' and 'Benghazi boiler,' the Thermette is an essential companion for outdoor enthusiasts. With the ability to boil water in just 2 minutes and cook meals in the wild, this versatile cooker relies solely on small sticks and twigs for fuel.

The Thermette's rapid water-boiling capability is attributed to its proven design, featuring a unique cone-shaped internal wall that efficiently distributes heat across a large surface area surrounded by water. Similar to a rocket stove, the heat is funneled from the bottom up through the top, simultaneously reaching the upper section for cooking meals in a pot or pan.

Bid farewell to the hassle of carrying or purchasing cooking fuel – simply gather dry twigs and ignite them with a lighter or matches.

A true outdoor companion, the Thermette accompanies me everywhere, facilitating the creation of wild infusions (wild herbal teas) and cooking meals during camping trips. Its lightweight design ensures easy portability, and it remains effective even on wet days.

The Thermette offers versatility – boil water in the body (in just 2 minutes!) or add the cooking ring on top to hold a pot and heat food or water simultaneously.

Each order includes:

  • 1 x Solid Copper Thermette
  • 1 x Cooking ring (for holding a pot on top)
  • 1 x Galvanized fire ring (placed at the bottom to create your fire)


  • Height – 38cm tall
  • Weight – 1.7kg
  • Water volume – 2.2 liters

This extraordinary Kiwi invention is so renowned that the New Zealand Army has been utilizing Thermettes (also known as chuffers) for years!

For any inquiries, please reach out to

Comments from my social media post about Thermettes:

"I love mine !! They are the best ! Heat water so so fast !
Cook whatever fish I catch with it . Make a cuppa on the beach. Even in wind ! It’s safe even in fire bans with some common sense 😉"

"Boils water faster than the electric jug"

"As a child, our family camped in the old canvas tents with real wood poles! Used a thermette all the time! fantastic invention! Thank you for that nemory! In my 60s now"

"We were brought up using these. They are like gold having them"

"My mum and dad had one we use to use. Loved it. We have one that we used with our kids when camping. They are brilliant."

"I love mine. When the power goes out I actually get excited…"

"Love my thermette, they're a great tradition"

"Absolutely brilliant, had 1 50yrs ago when we were kids n it was awesome. Great memories"


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

We have so much fun using out there're, it's definitely a memory maker.

Copper Thermette

Excellent purchase and a quick, no hassle delivery. The Thermette boils water quickly and heats food easily. It is a great piece of kit to have on hand for camping, power cuts or during any natural disaster.

Amazingly fast

Love the thermette, I have only used it once to give it a test drive, but was amazed how a handful of twigs can get the water boiling so fast. By the time I got my second handful it was at boiling point. Just don't fill the water right up as it boils over and puts the fire out 😂

Penny Stevens
Feed back

Although I haven't as yet used my Thermette, I am very happy and looking forward to using it in my garden. It is exactly the same as I remember my Dads thermette that we used camping and picnicing in my childhood. I am happy it is made of copper

Chrissy Toroa

Hi there, the thermette has been used a few times, with my families, when we are out & about. Fast & easy to boil water for cuppa tea/coffee/soups. Amazing appliance, just like the old days. It is truly awesome. It now sits beside my braizier, when I heat my out door bath tub, for hot drinks at night.

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Stephen P.
New Zealand

Boiled in 6 minutes

So simple yet so effective, the gas camping stove is redundant. Touch and go whether it can boil 2L faster than the electric jug too!

Kyle B.
New Zealand New Zealand

Great Products - Great Service.

This is an amazing product. High Quality Stands The Test Of Time

Fonterra E.
New Zealand New Zealand

Fantastic Copper Thermette

Arrived quickly. We love it! It’s very easy and quick for a cuppa anywhere outdoors. A very cool invention.