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Preserving Onion Weed

A few days ago a whole lot of Onion Weed came out of my garden & there was only one thing to do with so many big, fat, juicy onion weed bulbs, stalks & flowers - preserve them!
I've always heard of pickling the bulbs, so I was very excited to finally try this. Yet when I actually dug up the bulbs they weren't really 'bulbs' as much as 'bulges' at the end of the stalk!
I wanted to try pickling & preserving my 'bulges' in a similar way to pickled onions, and decided to try out 2 different methods.
The first batch I'm lacto fermenting in a salt brine. I dissolved 2 tbsp salt in 4 cups of water, and covered the chopped onion weed in this.
The second batch I covered with raw apple cider vinegar.
In both batches I added mustard seeds, my favorite pickle ingredient, and I sprinkled the onion weed flowers onto the tops of the jars.
Now it's a waiting game to see what happens. After 4-10 days I'll test the fermenting onion weed and then transfer to the fridge.
Next time I'd like to try fermenting the onion weed in it's own juices, without the addition of brine. But to honest I have so many jars I won't be needing anymore anytime soon, especially not with the quantity of onionweed still pumping in the garden!
How do you preserve / pickle / ferment your onion weed??