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Plantain seedheads

Did you know that the young green seedheads of Narrowleaf Plantain (Plantago Lanceolate) taste just like mushroom? Well they do. Just pick the freshest, smallest seedheads you can find and have a nibble, you'll be blown away by the amazing mushroom flavor. Plantain also contains natural antihistamines which help your body to deal with seasonal allergies & hayfever. You can nibble the seedheads or brew up the leaves for a tea and drink/eat daily... Plantain is always our fallback foraging food when we can find little else. Plantain is so widespread that it grows on every continent on earth except the artic regions... Whilst camping last week it got a bit slim pickings as we were camping between a (beautiful golden sand) beach & the native forest - neither places where lots of edible weeds grow, & it was clear that the campsite had been sprayed all around the edges.... So it was Plantain for dinner everynight! You can learn all about Plantain, how to identify, nutritional values, medicinal properties, folklore & history, as well as recipes in my new Plantain Foraging Guide.