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Nettle & Rose Chocolate with Edible Flowers

Wild Nettle & Homegrown Rose infused Chocolate, topped with Edible Flowers.

What a feast for the eyes and bellies!

Decorating with edible flowers is very simple & effective, turning even the dullest thing into a sight to behold. However there's nothing dull about this homemade chocolate which is infused with Nettle powder and rose powder. Packed with minerals and nutrients this is one superood snack!

My favorite edible flowers for decorating: Calendula, Rose, Cornflower, Fuschia, Camelia, Dahlia, Pineapple Sage, Violet, Viola Tricolor, Daisy, Borage...the list goes on...


In a double boiler melt together:

~ 1/3 cup cacao butter

~ 2 tbsp coconut oil

~ 1 cup cacao powder

~ 3-6 tbsp of sweetner of choice, less if you like bitter, more if you like sweet. I used a combo of rice syrup which was lurking in the back of the cupboard and maple syrup. You could also use just maple syrup or honey.

~ a pinch of salt

~ additional flavors of choice. I added 1/2tsp organic vanilla essence, you could add spices etc.

~ Once melted mix thoroughly and add a handful of Nettle powder and a handful of Rose powder. To create, gather fresh Nettles and Roses and dry thoroughly. Once dried, powder in a highspeed blender or mortal and pestle. Throw in a small handful of the powders (2-3 tbsp each) and mix well to thoroughly combine.

~ Pour out onto a baking tray/shallow dish/glass dish / plate which is lined with baking paper.

~ Use a spatula to spread out to an even thickness

~ Sprinkle edible flowers on top and use your fingers to gently press them into the chocolate (so they don't fall of once solid).

~ Pictured edible flowers: Calendula, Daisy petals, Fuschia petals, Cornflowers, Borage.

~ Pop in the fridge for a few hours or freezer for an hour to solidify

~ Once solid chop into pieces and store in the fridge or freezer in an airtight container.