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Natural Haircare

Natural/Organic (no shampoo) haircare.

So I always get lots of questions on this one, whenever I post about my Nettle Hair oil or Rosemary Vinegar hair rinse.

So let's talk about truely natural haircare.

First off, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, whatever, they are all the same thing: soap.

Doesn't matter how fancy the bottle, ingredients or branding, the recipe is the same: soap (with additives to make them frothy). The only difference is a few extra oils or special ingredients to 'moisturise & condition' your hair.

Let's face it, soap, strips your hair, and your scalp of it's natural oils (sebum), and therefore your scalp goes into overdrive to produce more oil to make up for it (often resulting in greasy/oily scalp, or dandruff).

Many years ago I stopped using any shampoo/conditioner (after living offgrid in the bush for a period of time, only swimming in the river, with no soap/shampoo/conditioner) & realising I didn't need it.

Since then, the only thing that I do is wash my hair with water. Sometimes I rinse it with my Rosemary infused ACV which acts as a cleanser & also conditions & moisturises at the same time, leaving it silky soft. Sometimes I add my Nettle Hair Oil to the tips to moisturise it.

Before you jump into this & then complain it's not working, I want to be clear, I am no pinup girl for perfect hair. I have very thick, frizzy, dry, curly hair which does whatever it wants whenever it wants and is best described as WILD. It will never be shiny & smooth and fit in a perfect looking environment.

It is however, HEALTHY & chemical free. There is no fuss & no stress. My scalp has never had dandruff or been itchy. When I used to use shampoo I used to have an 'oily' scalp, but never again.

To be honest I like swimming in the ocean & leaving the natural salts & minerals on my skin & hair to soak in & that's when it looks best. That's not for everyone though!

If you do cut out shampoo, it will take a few months for your hair/scalp to adjust. It might never look the same again, remember if you're going natural your hair is going to be different to what it was like with chemicals.

Rosemary Vinegar recipe in another article, search 'Rosemary' to find it.