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Cleavers Infusion Recipe

Cleavers Infusion Recipe

Gather a large handful of fresh cleavers. Ensure they’re clean and pick out any bits of dirt or stray twigs.

Roughly chop the cleavers and put them into a large water jug or large glass jar.

Fill with water and leave to sit overnight on the bench.

The next day you can drink as is, or strain out the cleavers first (this avoids floaties).

This makes a really cooling drink which has a pleasant cucumber/banana like flavor with all the added nutritional & medicinal benefits of cleavers.


Cleavers Vinegar Recipe

Currently I'm infusing Cleavers in Raw Apple Cider Vinegar for a nutritious daily tonic, which can be added to salad dressings. I serve this at my foraging workshops alongside a wild weeds salad. Follow the recipe above but instead of filling a glass jar with water, fill it with a good quality raw apple cider vinegar.

Leave to infuse for 2 weeks before straining out the cleavers. Bottle, label and store.


Cleavers are very high in Vitamin C and rich in minerals including Silica and Sodium.

 Cleavers are most well known for their diuretic, anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties, particularly their ability to cleanse the lymph nodes and to cleanse the blood.

Cleaver tea is often used by herbalists as a remedy for swollen glands, tonsillitis, or any other sickness that would benefit from lymphatic drainage support, such as respiratory infections.

Cleavers are useful for treating urinary or bladder infections given the diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. Make into a strong infusion (herbal tea) and drink 3 cups daily.

 Cleavers are rich in silica which promotes healthy skin, hair, nails and connective tissues.