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Hi, I'm Felicity Joy, the face behind Homegrown Botanica. I could put lots of labels on my head: Mama, Forager, Slow / Folk Herbalist, Gardener, Natural Dyer, Crazy plant lady with a caravan full of herbs & potions etc...However I think that it's what I believe in that really defines me.
I believe that we should all have the right & access to healthy, local food & medicine, Nature's medicine shouldn't be locked up behind closed doors, laws & patents, or imported from the other side of the world. Nutritious edible weeds, medicinal herbs & wild foods are growing abundantly all around us, often overlooked as 'weeds'. If we gather carefully, mindfully, sustainably, protecting nature's ecosystems & the planet, we can nourish ourselves & the land and thrive.
I believe in growing, sourcing or foraging for fresh, local, organic, seasonal food from the land on which we live. I'm passionate about growing my own fruit, veges, medicinal plants & edible weeds, foraging for abundant wild plants that are thriving in my local environment, and supporting local growers & small businesses.
I'm excited by the endless variations & flavors when using seasonally available plants, as well as their incredible nutritional & medicinal properties. Every time that I grow or forage for edible plants I become more aware of my surroundings and the health of the soil, deepening my connection to the land, building a reciprocal nurturing relationship.
So much common knowledge about edible plants & medicine has been lost in the last few generations, as millions of people migrate across continents, and into cities away from the land, their indigenous cultures & knowledge sharing practices.
Homegrown Botanica is all about sharing my knowledge and passion about edible & medicinal plants with others. I hope to encourage & inspire others to live a Slow Life and become more connected to the land.
I practice Slow/Folk Herbalism, craft Botanical Skincare, Ecoprint & Naturally dye upcycled clothing, and offer Foraging Workshops & Foraging Guides to empower others.
I live on the Kapiti Coast (NZ) with my 2 daughters, on 1/3 acre packed to the brim with fruit trees, veges, berries, medicinal plants, wildflowers, edible weeds, natives + a beautiful old Ginkgo tree.

I love to forage everyday, eat weeds, ferment food, experiment with wild brewing, eco print & sew my own clothes with natural dyes from my garden, craft with natural fibres, swim in the ocean, walk barefoot in the forest, dance to good tunes, have yarns around the firepit with friends, & explore with my kids.....among many other things.....I love handmade, local, organic and I detest plastic.

Every summer I travel around NZ in my van, discovering & foraging wild plants that grow in different parts of our beautiful country. In my 'spare' time, you'll find me in my garden, digging with my bare hands, growing from seed I've collected season after season, feeding the soil with comfrey & seaweed tea, and hand gathering my medicinal herbs.

Thanks for supporting me to live & breathe my dreams!

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p.s. pictured wearing an upcycled dress that I ecoprinted with foraged plants. Natural fibres infused with botanical goodness. x