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Summer Foraging for Edible Weeds e-book - pdf download

Summer Foraging for Edible Weeds e-book - pdf download

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Summer Foraging for Edible Weeds e-book / digital guide / pdf download. Learn about 6 Abundant, Easy to find & use edible wild weeds growing prolifically in Summer.

Foraging is an empowering way to independently source your own local, fresh, seasonal food & medicine. Edible weeds are incredibly abundant in our wild environments & many of them are full of vitamins, minerals, and medicinal properties.

This digital e-book / foraging guide will give you a kick start into Summer foraging. Focusing on 6 Edible Weeds which are abundantly found all over NZ & in temperate regions of the world during the hot & dry summer months.

The guide covers:

- Foraging basics

- Sustainable Foraging practices

- Detailed & comprehensive information for each covering:

- Accurate Identification & tips, including how to distinguish from common lookalikes

- Nutritional & Medicinal information

- How to prepare as food & medicine with Easy to follow Recipes

- Lots of very detailed, high quality photographs of each plant at different stages in it's life cycle (to help with accurate ID).

- Folklore & History of the plant, not only is this fascinating but will help you to remember each plant.

The plants in this guide are: Dandelion, Nasturtium, Yarrow, Fat Hen, Self Heal, Fennell. Chosen because of their abundance all over the country in Summer, as well as their multiple food & medicine uses.

This guide is suitable for absolute beginners, and is intended to give you enough information & confidence to begin your foraging journey on your own. Seasoned foragers would also enjoy this book given the extensive nutritional & medicinal information as well as the fascinating folklore.

Whilst I've written this book specifically for those foraging in New Zealand, and all of these plants are found abundantly in NZ, they're also abundantly found in Australia, Europe, North America and many other temperate regions. All of the mentioned 'weeds' were introduced into NZ by the Europeans, so have come at some point in their history via Europe.

Click on the video to see a preview of some pages from the book.

Once you've completed checkout you'll automatically be sent a link to download the guide in a high resolution, print quality pdf. If you'd like a mobi or epub file, just email me at also and I'll send.

If any updates are made to the guide (and I do expect to add more plants over time), you'll automatically be sent a link to download the updated version (free of charge).

Whilst I'd love you to share your new found foraging knowledge & excitement with friends, please don't forward this guide but encourage others to purchase here. By doing so you're supporting me to follow my passion and teach others about foraging for edible weeds.


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Alfonso F.
New Zealand New Zealand
Summer Foraging for Edible Weeds

Easy and concise reading, it has given me new ideas on how a small suburban lot can be more productive.

A Homegrown Botanica Customer
New Zealand New Zealand
Beautiful, enlightening, introduction to foraging

I was kindly given this ebook by my daughter who is keen to get me into foraging. Wow - it has started to open my eyes to all the edible weeds that are literally just sitting there waiting to be harvested! Felicity, the writer is incredibly knowledgeable and explains the basics of foraging in an easy to understand way. She gives you useful info on the medicinal and nutritional benefits of each of the weeds (plus some great folk history.) I loved all the tips regarding recipies and how to use the foraged weeds. I never knew that you could make Dandelion Root Coffee! I'm going to try that! Beautifully illustrated too!

Australia Australia
Beautifully curated and incredible insights.

I was sent the book as a gift and was blown away. The photography is beautiful and ensures you can identify all plants correctly without error. Until now I had no idea you could eat every part of dandelion and even fry the buds in batter! So interesting learning little bits of folklore and history that interwoven into the guide. With so many flus and colds sweeping Melbourne, I can't wait to combat them with the gypsy tea recipe. It's written in such a humble informative way that anyone could digest the information inside. Highly highly recommend as a gift for a loved one. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the next edition :)

Sherri M.
New Zealand New Zealand
Beautiful pictures and so easy to understand

I have always wanted to take my knowledge about edibles a bit further but identification of some can be challenging if you are “not quite sure”... This was a very easy process – downloaded beautifully, the pics are stunning and your thoughts and info are awesome for each plant. No way anybody could not identify the plant correctly with this as a guide. I love this and I am eagerly awaiting the next one. Thanks so much.

Atenas M.
United States United States
This is a beatiful and useful little book

I got this book as a gift and it couldn't be more perfect. Simple to read, very useful, nice pics and gives you a glimms of the history on the topic. The tittle says it's for summer time, but here in the PNW I can start finding some plants in my surroandings since early spring. I can't wait to try the recipes, they all sound delicious... and healthy!