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Onion Weed

Onion Weed, Allium triquetrum
Onion Weed aka 3 cornered leek, 3 cornered garlic, angled onion, triangle onion.
Allium Triquetrum is a delicious salad green that that is abundant during the wet & cold season. It's such a delight at this time of year, making an excellent spring onion or chive replacement, with a strong garlic/onion type flavor. The whole plant can be eaten, leaves, bulbs & flowers, and it's excellent raw. I slice it fresh into salads, sprinkle into omelettes or pestos & have heard of pickling the bulbs (yet to try this one).
Given it's sulphur content it's believed to have similar medicinal properties to Garlic & Onions (in the same family), including cancer protection, reducing cholesterol levels & antibiotic effects.
The leafless stalks have a distinctive triangle shape when sliced in half. The flowers form in small clusters of adorable little white bells. Each bell shaped white flower has 5 petals with light green streak running down the middle of each petal.
Onion weed loves to grow in damp shady places, so you may find it at the end of your abandoned garden, or beside creeks & streams. Once it gets going the bulbs multiply and spread pretty quickly, so you could dig up a few bulbs when you find them and plant into your garden for year after year supply. Mind you most people believe that this is an invasive 'weed' and would do anything to get rid of it!

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