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Stinging Nettle

Gathering fresh season Stinging Nettle (Urtica Dioica). Yes, this is that plant that packs a mighty sting & causes itchniess & a burning sensation on the skin - the best antidote is fresh Dock or Plantain leaves, which always grow nearby. Just rub them straight onto the sting to bring relief.
Devil's Apron, Naughty Man's Plaything, Hoky-poky, Jenny-nettle, Sting-leaf, Devil's Leaf are just some of the common names of Nettle.
Rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, chromium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus and silicone as well as vitamins A, B2, C, E and K it’s an all-round tonic to boost strength and immunity.
For centuries Nettle has been known as a nutritive spring tonic, blood builder & cleanser. Nettle springs up at the perfect time of year when we are ready to be reinvigorated, as a nutritious, fresh green herb, begging to be used. Herbalists often prescribe Nettle to those that are sick or debilitated to restore vitality & good health.
I’m drinking this Nettle in a Herbal tea, added some to this mornings frittata, and will be drying some for teas later in the year, and infusing the rest in organic oils for my luxurious Nettle Hair Oil (available on my website). Nettle is delicious in a Wildbrew & is great in a Wild Nettle soup.
Nettles nourish and support the entire body, particularly the endocrine, immune, urinary, respiratory, & circulatory systems.
Nettle is legendary with many believing that a bunch of freshly cut nettles placed under a person's sick bed helps to facilitate a rapid recovery. Others believe that carried in the hand nettles ward off ghosts and evil spirits, or that sprinkled around the home nettle keeps out evil spirits. Nettle has also been used to guard against lightning strikes, which is ironic given Nettles own sting.
Nettle was used by the Romans & First Nations Australians to increase blood circulation, quite literally a patient was spread out on a table and whipped with Stinging Nettle, the aggravating hairs causing the patients circulation to be stimulated....
Nettle is full of natural histamines, and if you suffer from Hayfever, taking Nettle’s daily can increase your own natural anti-histamine response to allergens. Add to your daily infusions.