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Rosemary / Hair Rinse

~ Rosemary / Hair Rinse ~
In the Middle Ages people would place Rosemary sprigs under their pillows to ward off demons & prevent nightmares, it was known to be a plant of protection. In Ancient Greece students would twine rosemary in their hair, making garlands whilst studying for exams to improve memory. Interesting these stories & their connection to the head because I've always known Rosemary's reputation for improving hair health. It’s blood circulation properties work on the scalp, stimulating new hair growth. Rosemary’s essential oil properties are also known to repel pests, so is worth while adding it to your haircare routine if pesky nits are a problem in your household.
Rosemary is my no.1 botanical for haircare & the only thing that I use. No shampoo or conditioner (ooo yuck, you really should read the labels on that chemical filled junk & get to know what all of those toxins do to your system). Instead I 'wash' my hair with Rosemary infused Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).
This is really easy to make, just fill a jar with fresh rosemary, cover with good quality raw ACV & leave to brew for 2-6 weeks then strain. When in the shower rinse your hair with the Rosemary Vinegar and wash well with clean water. If you rinse properly there will be no vinegar smell afterwards. Rosemary infused vinegars gently washes your hair without stripping the natural oils, and leaves hair feeling soft & silky.
This Hair Rinse is a beautiful, gentle, natural alternative to artificial conditioners leaving your hair feeling cleansed and soft, better than any conditioner on the market.
Synthetic hair care products and shampoos strip the hair of it's natural oils. This causes dryness and due to the increased production of sebum to replace the lost oils, can cause dandruff on the scalp. The natural acidity of ACV can balance your scalp and hair's natural pH levels, whilst rosemary is a fantastic addition to your hair's overall health.
Rosemary has been used for hundreds of years for it's beneficial effects on the hair. It’s said to help increase hair growth by increasing circulation to your scalp, and can help to decrease flaking of the skin & itchiness caused by dandruff. Rosemary works by stimulating the hair follicles enabling hair to grow longer and stronger. It is a nutritious herb and by rinsing your hair with Rosemary you can condition your hair with it's natural nutrients.
ACV nourishes your hair whilst conditioning and reducing frizz and tangles, and also boosts the natural shine of your hair. ACV is great at breaking down and removing the residue from other haircare products to leave your hair clean and soft. It is beneficial to your scalp, unclogging blocked hair follicles and decreasing flakes from dry skin and dandruff. It's naturally antibacterial and antifungal, so it's perfect if your suffering from dandruff or an itchy scalp.
Rosemary is a very special herb that holds a special place in my home, just outside the kitchen doorstep. This Rosemary was the first thing that I planted in my kitchen herb garden. I arrived with my bundle of fresh cuttings from my last home, & immediately wandered around the garden popping the fresh cuttings into the soil. I've very likely been growing this Rosemary from cuttings for at least 15 years now.